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When people close to you die, you feel as though everyone says the wrong things and no one understands — but Zanne really does. She guides you through the Method with compassion, with humour, with a gentleness and understanding that I can’t quite fully explain. While psychotherapy can be useful this is not at all like that (and in a good way). You feel like Zanne is a friend who is just as invested in your grief recovery as you are. She truly cares.  

The GRM itself is useful but some of the stuff in it is pretty cheesy and condescending — Zanne herself agrees and uses it only as a guide — the process is totally tailored towards you and your needs. Before the programme, I was tense, I was agitated, I couldn’t sleep properly, I had nightmares of my parents constantly. My relationships with family and friends suffered too. I couldn’t concentrate on TV shows, I couldn’t read, I felt terrified of being alone but I also didn’t feel like being with people either. I felt like a ghost. But after the programme slowly but surely I started to feel better. It’s not that I don’t have pangs of grief periodically — I do, and I know those will probably never go away — but I feel so much more confident dealing with them. I feel alive again. 

I was afraid that the relief I felt after each session with Zanne would only be fleeting and once the programme was over I would be back to that dark place. But having waited several months to send this testimonial I can say the effects are lasting. I can’t recommend Zanne and the GRM enough!

H. Blagg,  April 2018 GRM