Grief Recovery Method


The Grief Recovery Method   is based on the Grief Recovery Handbook by John W James and Russell Friedman.

It is delivered by Zanne Findlay, a certified Grief Recovery Specialist

This programme has a set structure: 7 one hour sessions for one-to-one work and 8 two hour sessions in a group. It is not therapy, it is a series of small steps that when taken, in order, by the griever it leads to the completion of all the unresolved business linked to the loss. It is different from intellectual discovery as it works with the heart, not the head.



The goal of The Grief Recovery Method®  is to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss. While death and divorce may seem to be the most obvious losses, these sessions are not limited to those losses. There are more than 40 life events that can produce feeling of grief.

This programme provides you with the tools to deal with loss and requires a commitment for the full number of sessions as the process is sequential.

The 6 steps to recovery

You work with your own journey through loss. You uncover what your beliefs about grieving are and who, or what, has influenced your grieving process and your attitude towards recovery.

You explore how have you coped with - or avoided - the losses you have encountered.

You build a full understanding of one key relationship where there has been loss and where there is pain.

You embrace key concepts such as forgiveness, apologies and uncovering those emotional unspoken communications that you keep buried within your heart.

You distill all of that work and reflection into a document designed to bring a sense of completion and wholeness.

And finally ...you move towards completion by delivering those unspoken communications to another human  heart without judgement, criticism, comparison,or analysis.

The first step is yours: taking a decision to move from Grief to Recovery. To move to a place where life has a new meaning, where your memories are intact but you are free to move forward. A place where you will still encounter sadness from time to time without being ashamed of it or overwhelmed by it.



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Further reading

all by John W. James and Russell Friedman, published by Harper Collins: 

The Grief Recovery Handbook; Moving On;

Moving Beyond Loss; When Children Grieve with Dr Leslie Landon Matthews: and The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss with Cole James. 

all available from www.griefrecoverymethod.co.uk/



Our Fees

The fee for our individual work is £450, this covers the seven sessions. The fee for participating in the eight group sessions, when available, is £375. Both amounts cover the provision of a Grief Recovery Handbook.  

These amounts are payable in advance following a telephone consultation to ensure,

as best we can, that this programme is right for you.

We are sorry we do not have any disability access (it is a London townhouse with stairs at every level). We will ask you a few health-related questions as we work in a room containing crystals, which can negatively affect some people and some medication.