Think of loss not as a carpet rolled out

that you must walk on for the rest of your

life but as a carpet that leads to gain.

Think of loss as the path to being found.

Our holistic service

We all suffer loss, and although bereavement is the most recognised form there are many others. Families separate and move. Jobs come and go. Ill health, addiction or infertility impact on our aspirations and life plans.

Many commonplace life events can evoke grief and unresolved grief can make life feel meaningless. Unfortunately, although common to all, the way grief is dealt with in society can leave us feeling isolated and even ashamed at our apparent inability to cope with the roller coaster of emotions sweeping through us.

Our holistic programme will support you through whatever loss you have suffered in a way which is as unique as you are. It provides a safe place to bring your struggle with life-changing events. A place where you will not be judged or criticised, but where the diverse range of services that we offer can be packaged into a programme designed around you.

It is not therapy, although you will find it therapeutic. It is a holistic healing programme which reminds you that there is a larger context from which to view the challenges of life.

We will call that larger context soul, but you may well have another name or viewpoint which we will respect. In essence we are referring to that ‘something greater’ that guides us through life to a greater or lesser extent and which we seek to follow, ignore, or even consider to be nonsense.

We will use meditation and mindfulness techniques throughout the programme to help you to find a peaceful and reflective space to which you can return. We will identify what brings inner peace to your life and what sustains it or militates against it.

We will map out the turning points in your life and uncover whether lessons or themes recur which need examination, in relation to your belief in karma, destiny or God’s will. We will consider if your normal responses to pressure and change are sustainable and life enhancing.

We will explore your life experience of love and loss and gently uncover those places where feelings of grief, regret, anger or disappointment dwell which may be holding you back

We will uncover any areas of conflict within your life and explore what forgiveness means to you, whether there are people you need to forgive or whether there are aspects of your life that you need to forgive yourself for. We will share some conflict resolution techniques too.

We will offer you healing and share with you self healing and visualisation techniques that you can benefit from between the sessions and after the programme is complete. We will explore what it would mean for you to feel completely well and free to be all of who you are.

We will visualise what a new beginning might look like for you. We will share the concept of Affirmations to support you in moving forward and can discuss our understanding of the value of prayer both for the self and for helping others.

This programme is not designed to drive sadness, memory or loss from your life, because that is where the learning lies and empathy is born. It is designed to support you to shine a Light into your dark corners. Those dark corners, which we all carry deep inside, can hold our well-being hostage without us even realising it, because as a society we have all become so adept at hiding, rather than resolving, our grief.

The poetry of the soul is born of dark and Light, not of Light alone

This approach may appear linear upon a computer screen but it is not delivered in that way. You can take the ‘We will’ statements above to mean ‘We can’, because at our first session you set your priorites and say what you wish to explore and to acheive.



We do ask one thing and that is that you commit to 5 sessions, each lasting an hour, and you pay for those sessions in advance, partly as a commitment to us, but more importantly as a commitment to yourself.



We are based in New Cross, SE London and work from there.



If prefer a more structured programme which has been devised for you, rather than around you, please do consider the Grief Recovery Method® which we offer as a separate and quite distinct service.


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Our Fees

The fee for the Holistic programme is £350 which covers the basic commitment of five sessions. Following a telephone consultation to ensure, as best we can, that this programme is right for you

£70 is payable prior to the initial session. The remaining £280 becomes payable after we have agreed your priorities and

how you will schedule your appointments. After you have completed your five sessions other sessions can be booked

on an ad hoc basis.

We are sorry we do not have any disability access (it is a London townhouse with stairs at every level). We will ask you a few health-related questions as we work in a room containing crystals, which can negatively affect some people and some medication.