Zanne is an accomplished facilitator. She was skilled at allowing me to take my time to understand how the programme worked, she built up trust that enabled me really engage with the programme. Her empathy, compassion and kindness meant I was emotionally honest.
R. Maloney, 1:1,
GRM April 2017 
'I feel I can breathe from my toes for the first time in years.’
T Reid,
May 2017
I found the Grief Recovery course both moving and useful in helping to process my feelings and thoughts around loss and grief. It was well paced, guided sensitively and I found the structure of the weeks supportive.
V. Constantini, 
group GRM July 2016
I am 65 years old and I care for my son who is 27. I joined the GRM (Grief Recovery Method) because I had lost a dog who was extremely precious to me. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back...
I have found Zanne's healing to be very powerful and poignant. She is able to clarify for me the unseen issues that I need support with and I feel a great sense of relief following our sessions together.
May 2017
I have found Zanne’s services to be both enlightening and calming, enabling me to focus on my inner self and emotions in a very productive way. There is a lot of love and healing, with a deep Spiritual presence, which has allowed me to create positive visualisations and take the necessary actions to have a fulfilling life, connected to my mind, body and Soul.
W. Brewster
May 2017
Zanne gives of her time, heart and expertise with great generosity; countless times, during either a formal healing session or over a cup of tea, she has given me a safe and sacred space in which to vent, explore, resolve or embrace my history. She has the rare and precious talent of really listening to the words and translating them into the language of your heart.
T Bates
May 2017
I signed up with Zanne for the Grief Recovery Method a month after my father died and three years after my mother had passed. I was at my wits end — I honestly felt like I was going crazy. More than seven months after finishing the programme I can say coming to Zanne was one of the best decisions of my life.